The Beginning

When are you going to write that book you’re always talking about?

Lost in thought.

My husband inquired almost ten years ago. I gave him a blank look as I had no idea what he was referring to and turned back to what I was doing. But he wouldn’t let it go.

And now, thousands upon thousands of words later, I’m finishing up You and Me and the Devil Makes Three, my first novel. Several other stories are cooking up in the back of my head as well, all I needed was a nudge in the right direction: A little less thinking and a little more writing.

As a kid growing up in Finland I had a habit of going to bed by 8 PM on school nights. It was the best part of the day, laying in bed with my eyes closed, coming up with stories that I would play like movies within the eye of my mind. For years I continued to do that, and I still do. Training my imagination and visualizing stories is something I hope will come through in my writing, being able to place the reader in vivid surroundings without overbearing the reader’s own intake on the story.

So in a way it didn’t come as a surprise that I would venture into the realm of writing, but that is not how it all started. Drawing is my first love. And it is a guarantee that you will see works of graphite and ink on these digital pages as well.

Having a pink collar day job certainly does not allow all the time in the world for getting lost in alien worlds and typing down what I see, but I’m trying. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here and join my journey of writing.

With best wishes, Laura.awhileback2