I currently have two different novels that I have sample chapters for:

You And Me And the Devil Makes Three

The Tube

You and Me (pet name) is fiction, a novel that tackles with what all of us have experienced in their lives: growing pains. And not only that, but anxiety. The main character, an art student, has anxiety that cripples her ability to live life the way she wishes she could. Of course, there is more to it than that, but if you are interested, please go ahead and check out the sample chapter along with the synopsis to get a better idea.

The Tube is science fiction. I am a sci-fi girl at heart, so the story was just itching in the back of my mind to be put down on paper. The story focuses on Sidney, a girl living in an underground society built into metro stations and the railways connecting them. The world above has been sealed off for unknown reasons, and the knowledge of what happened to the old world has been lost. But of course, Sidney finds herself unraveling this mystery after taking on a new job that gives her the chance of traveling between different stations. Check out the synopsis and sample chapters on the dedicated page of the Tube, if it piqued your interest.

Currently I’m focusing on getting You and Me in its best shape possible.You can read more about the process of writing it in the blog post titled: 5 Things I will NEVER do as a writer. Again.

Of course, the final form of the two novels may and will change, as they still need work (I posted the chapters, when I thought they were ready, but of course perspective changes, when you mature more as a writer), but sharing the process of getting to the point of publishing them is something I wanted to share, the good and the bad, the insecurities and victories. It’s been quite an interesting ride so far, and I’m sure the roller coaster will become even more intense along the way.

Hope you enjoy, and remember to leave your comments and thoughts in the comment box as feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for stopping by.